At RUN we work at our minimal to ensure our volunteers receive the best experience, so making the process easier to apply so after submitting our short application form below , we will invite you to submit a short video.  

Dropque is a mobile/web app that enables us receive and manage video applications. This helps volunteers showcase their personality and creates a positive application experience for them. On the other hand, we get to know our volunteers beyond text early on before bringing them down. For instance, questions like; “Please let us know more details about you and why you chose RUN?”, can be sent to volunteers and they respond easily with a video all on the Dropque mobile App and you immediately receive the video responses .

This helps us  gauge your supposed skills and enthusiasm early on. Approved applicants will be contacted right away upon success and also applicants not shortlisted can be notified, we do our best to allow everyone in and if space allows you will receive confirmation given you are ready and open to love our children! If you have any questions get in touch with us; or call Betty directly at; +256-754-618070