Welcome to the "RUN" Projects in Uganda


    Our projects "Run Academy and Run Orphanage" although the orphanage was our first, the school came last as beacon towards providing access to education to the community of Nabweru and also reducing the costs of educating our children in the orphanage at another school. These projects  are sister projects within same location working to improve the lives, education and health of our children and community with the expertise of locally trained staff and inspiring travelers/volunteers from developed countries. 

    We have come far from locally establishing ourselves to internationally working with world, through all our volunteers we are achieved a lot that has changed the way our children view the world, they have gained the love, learnt about other cultures and of course getting the support to continue their dreams. This to us has made RUN a well thanked for, organization in our communities but of course our credit goes to those individuals who saw our needs and got involved, they were "Volunteers" and now they are part of us. They are family, they are world changers and they are ANGELS!!!

    The projects thereof listed here are established and running under; Raise Uganda Now "RUN"  a registered community based initiative (CBO) outside Kampala, in Nabweru neighborhoods in Uganda, which has received tremendous support from previous volunteers who also established its main donor base/office in Cambridge, MA.  For more information please visit the main organisation's website www.raiseugandanow.org to learn more about the organisation RUN in the Cambridge, MA . United States of America, which is behind all the above projects.


    If someone wakes up one day and feels a desire to go somewhere, probably abroad. There is a reason behind it and that one is to make a difference, to touch someone and to share their love with those without hope. Such a person is valuable in this world, at RUN we believe the world needs more people who are willing to offer their time, skills or resources to change the world for better. That is why we say, volunteering is free at RUN, we don't charge you to help us, we work with you to build our community, "IF SOMEONE DOES YOU SOMETHING GOOD, OFFER THEM WHAT YOU ARE ABLE TO IN RETURN"

    Volunteers bring change and empower our projects and the community to be developed and become self reliant, we aim to establish various projects across the country which leave a lasting impact when they all have left and keep everyone involved even at home.We need volunteers for teaching our children, for pre-school, orphanage care, community, sports, minor health care and farm workers to assist on a farm initiative operating in eastern Uganda - whatever skills you have can be used to benefit our children & community as a whole.

    You don't have to be a teacher or teach at all if your strengths lie elsewhere and all our projects are on-going all year round.  Why pay huge sums of money to volunteer when you can volunteer free making a small contribution $35 per week towards sharing a meal with the orphans, all which benefits the orphanage and school? You will be given three meals a day plus you reside in the the dorms provided at the orphanage. Together we can develop the orphanage.. and you will not be out of pocket!


Now you are coming to Uganda and you want to take on another life changing adventure (safari), you see your visit to the Pearl of Africa as an opportunity to give back, to give of yourself to bring a change even in the smallest way to those in need in Uganda.  While planning your Uganda visit we advise you to take part in one or more of our most affordable wildlife safaris/tours from Wild Viewing in National Parks,  the Gorillas, chimpanzee, river Nile rafting, Ruwenzori hiking. It’s advisable while visiting Uganda to think about the locals, a feeling, not inspired by pity, but by a deep compassion that desires to empower others and bring about  a life-changing differences, form lasting friendships that would never be possible by simply visiting the Wildlife Parks and Scenic Wonders of Uganda. When you register and become a RUN Volunteer, you will have the chance to be involved in both the projects listed on our website and also any wildlife experience you choose, all at very budget/most affordable prices you can find in the country.. You will receive a Volunteer  clear timetable of your week, extra activities and excursions/safaris which you booked to visit during your stay in the country.

Our Team

  • Betty Birungi

     Projects Director

    Betty is the Director of the Orphanage and Academy in Nabweru. She went to Makerere University Business School, focusing on Accounting and Business Management. She received her teaching certification through the Institute of Teacher's Education at Kyambogo.

    To ensure on-going communications between the volunteers, donors and partners, it is the responsibility of Betty and you will always read from her as long as you keep in touch.

  • Philex Ongweni

       Assistant Operations 

    Philex assists Betty in running the Orphanage and Academy. His parents died when he was young, and as a result, he became extremely involved in running our institution upon finishing his education at Fairway High School.

  • Brian Mungholo

    Teaching Staff/Secretary

    Brian joined RUN as a staff member in early 2015 and helps in the Academy and Orphanage. He is currently taking classes at the Teachers' Training College to get his certification to teach classes at our school.

Some Testimonials

  • I only wish I could stay there for longer. I spent all day there learning about the ways of the children, but more importantly, their needs and struggles. There is serious need for help at the orphanage and from the local towns, since the area is still developing.

    Also, education needs to be improved. The Ugandan people live in a very welcoming culture. Small children walk within 50m -300m to and from school every day around the village. I believe that there is so much that can be done to help this orphanage school. And we can both together to help them build a better tomorrow.

    Mie Takahashi - United States (USA)