Volunteering is free with RUN Academy and orphanage, projects by Raise Uganda Now "RUN"

  • Volunteering in Africa is for any age group, it is not something reserved exclusively for ‘Gap Year’ students. Volunteering at Raise Uganda NOW "RUN" in Kampala is FREE and  suitable for both small groups (3-10) , whole families, motivated and self-reliant individuals/teenagers, and also seniors who are fairly mobile – there are no steps but the ground can be uneven. We believe your time and skills are more valuable and so we give you the experience free so you can also share your best with our children, this is our way of giving back to our volunteers.

    When you volunteer with RUN you will be in UGANDA "The Pearl of Africa" and you will be staying for free at the dormitories provided at the orphanage and helping out at the RUN orphanage or Run Academy that are owned and managed by Raise Uganda Now "RUN" a Ugandan NGO with local committees which  with the help of our past volunteers was also  incorporated 501(c) organization in Cambridge, MA the United States (learn more www.raiseugandanow.org ) as its donor/support base offices.

    USA charities help support RUN by funding, facilitation and offering advice to the development of our projects in Uganda. But please be aware that you are coming out here working with local children and a welcoming culture by the people of Kampala, Uganda "so we ask you to be open hearted for a smooth experience"

    Volunteer Placements Available;


    RUN Orphanage provides a safe and loving environment for our children to learn and grow. Many of our children have faced homelessness in the past, and have lost parents to AIDS, violent crimes, malaria, as well as political violence and war. Others have faced abuse and abandonment and were brought to the home by neighbors.  There are currently 25 children between the ages of 3 and 12 living at RUN Orphanage, under the supervision of our 5 full-time staff.

    Developments at RUN Orphanage

    • Thanks to a generous donation from Spouts of Water, we now have 5 new ceramic water filters! This allows us to save money on charcoal and ensure a constant supply of clean drinking water. 
    • Our recent mailing fundraiser allowed us to purchase six new beds and mattresses, so that every child can sleep in their own bed.

    RUN Academy

    RUN Academy provides a primary education to over 120 students (growing), 25 of which are also living in RUN Orphanage. Those who do not also live in the orphanage pay a minimal tuition. We have 12 teachers who teach Baby Class (Pre-K), Top Class (Kindergarten), and Primary Grades 1-6. Subjects taught include English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Reading, and all classes are taught in English.

    Developments at RUN Academy

    • Our students recently began their 3rd term of the year. We are proud that term 2 final test results showed great improvements from term 1.
    • Thanks to the generous contributions from our  most recent letter appeal, we were able to purchase new chalk, textbooks, workbooks, and desks.
    •  In March, we moved into our new building, which is on the same compound as RUN Orphanage. It is a great improvement from the dirt floors and inadequate classrooms in our previous building, allowing our students to fully focus on their studies.

    Why Donate to RUN? (How will my donation benefit the projects? )

    RUN, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) in the state of Massachusetts, meaning that donations will be tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.  Operational costs for RUN Academy and RUN Orphanage are covered by private donors.

    Your contribution is important to allowing us to provide a stable, safe and caring environment for our children.  When you donate, no matter how much, you become a part of our community. We pledge to keep you updated on how your contribution is making a direct impact through newsletters and updates.

    So if this interests you come with us and experience the various guises of the Pearl of Africa.  We’ll provide a unique trip that will introduce you to the wonderful cultures of Uganda, the wildlife on safari and also give you the rewarding experience of volunteering at our orphanage/school. APPLY NOW

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    Placement Highlights 

    Your staying with us is free, however for your upkeep we suggest a small donation of at least USD$35 per week which goes towards feeding you on our fresh Ugandan delights,(vegetables, fruits and anything you prefer), Uganda is a farming district and therefore a lot of food can be excepted to be tasted here. You can always make your weekly contribution on arrival, no reservation required, all which benefits the orphanage and school. You will be given three meals a day plus, you reside in the the dorms provided at the orphanage



    • AGE : All ages ( for minors 15yrs or less need guardians approval)
    • ACTIVITIES: Childcare, teaching, farm work, outdoor games, painting and decorating, administration, marketing, fund-raising
    • SUPPORT: Travel handbook, in-country team 24hr support       
    • HEALTHY MEALS: We only suggest a small contribution USD$35 per week, to keep you fed healthy and strong while working with our children. We offer a daily breakfast with vegetables, fruits and MILK/TEA or even Corn/Millet Poridge,  and expect a LUNCH/SUPPER consisting of African green meals, we encourage green living as a way for sustainable and healthy living. Of course different meals which include grains i.e rice, Corn, Millet, Sorgum, Bananas (plantain) among others.
    • ACCOMMODATION:  Staying with us is free, our orphanage is contained inside a gated compound. Our dormitories within the orphanage offer safe environment, with separate gender for volunteers which have bed sheets and mosquito nets.The house includes a kitchen with an electric/gas cooker, a communal fridge, a sitting room where you can watch and enjoy a program with the kids and a great compound with enough space for playing. The toilets are inside however there are also outside sit-on toilets. Enough space for parking, camping or any activities. Your home away  in Africa!!!
    • WORKING DURATION:  Volunteers work daily from 8:00AM - 12:00PM and can stay from one week minimum upto as long as they wish. We are able to offer spaces of upto 15 volunteers per month and no start-dates necessary as work is required throughout. 
    • PROJECT LOCATION : Nabweru Lugoba Rd,  Kampala.  Our area is a few kilometers (8kms) from the main city, Kampala. It is a friendly environment with welcoming residents the road is just outside our house where you can find different transport means to take you to the city or wherever you wish to go. 
    • GREAT ADVENTURES: Uganda is a great place for sight-seeing and wildlife adventure, We offer the most lowest cost opportunities to travel and see country side, wildlife parks, hiking mountains, visiting local communities & camping experiences in the natural forests of Uganda all at budget/discounted price
    • Language: English   
    • Getting to project: Flights to Uganda. Or pickup from Kampala. There is a $35 charge fee for airport pickups/drop off . Driver available upon request